3 Musketeers 1941, “Aramis” - ART/NY Theatres

Written by Megan Monaghan Rivas; Directed by Andrew Smith and Michole Biancosino; Costume Design by Olivia Hern; Set Design by Chen-Wei Laio; Lighting Design by Hallie Zieselman; Sound Design by Yiran Zhang; Fight Direction by Carlotta Summers; Photography by ClintonBPhotography

In the Next Room (or the Vibrator Play), “Elizabeth” - Gulfshore Playhouse

Written by Sarah Ruhl; Directed by Jeffrey Binder; Costume Design by Witney Locher; Set Design by Kristen Martino; Lighting Design by Ken Smith; Sound Design by Christopher Colucci; Wig Design by Jenny Claire Bronsted; Photography by Matthew Schipper

Elizabeth Vibrator Play 2.jpg

Pride and Prejudice, “Jane Bennet/Miss DeBourgh” - Pittsburgh Public Theater

Written by Kate Hamill; Directed by Desdemona Chiang; Costume Design by Christine Tschirgi; Set Design by Narelle Sissons; Lighting Design by Masha Tsimring; Sound Design by Andre Pluess; Choreography by Erika Song Shuch; Wig Design by Dave Bova; Photography by Michael Henninger

A Doll's House Part 2, "Emmy" - Barrington Stage Company

Written by Lucas Hnath; Directed by Joe Calarco; Costume Design by Jen Caprio; Set Design by Brian Prather; Lighting Design by Chris Lee; Sound Design by Lindsay Jones; Wig Design by J. Jared Janas; Photography by Daniel Rader

ADH Pt 2 Photo.jpg

Julius Caesar, "Julius Caesar" - Rutgers Theatre Company

Written by William Shakespeare; Directed by Simon Dormandy; Costume Design by ElleryJane Ring; Set Design by Ashley Basile and Teresa Burns; Lighting Design by Zach Brienza; Projection Design by Matthew Haber; Sound Design by Karin Graybash; Photography by T. Charles Erickson

(Hera)kles, "Hera" - Rutgers Theatre Company

Written by Jake Mariani; Directed by Kip Fagan; Costume Design by Liza Alexis; Set Design by Bo Ra Kwan; Lighting Design by Zach Brienza; Projection Design by Dan Scully; Sound Design by Karin Graybash; Photography by Anna Ty Bergman

Silentium - Rutgers Theatre Company

Devised by Rutgers Theatre Company, Class of 2018; Directed by Danielle Liccardo; Costume Design by Taylor Pico; Set Design by Shannon White; Lighting Design by Kasey Knaus; Sound Design by Kari Beth Berntson; Photography by Matt Pilsner